Thailand’s largest provider of fibre optic network signs on to support the high-level conference in Bangkok


Fiber One, which as of 2016 is the largest provider of “fiber to the home” (FTTH) network in Thailand, is the Official Sponsor of the first Property Report Congress Thailand, which happens today, 22 September 2016, at the Crystal Ballroom of Plaza Athenee Bangkok (a Royal Meridien hotel).
The company is a digital service provider, or DSP, through fiber optic network. Fiber One provides pure fibre optic at the access network that directly connects to end users to enable them to access high speed internet and other digital services.
“Fiber One joins the Property Report Congress Thailand because we believe that our technology known as Digital Service Platform – an integrated fibre optic network that can accommodate super high speed internet and various other digital services – will greatly benefit the society and contribute to the development of smart homes and smart buildings in Thailand and overseas,” the company said. “We would like to show this to the participants of this Congress.”
Currently, Fiber One is targeting to achieve 500,000 home connections by year-end and hopes to double the figure to one million by 2017.

The Digital Service Platform Fiber One offers is an integrated platform that can accommodate various advanced digital services in the future for end users at homes and condominiums. Fiber One will build, operate and then transfer the network to administrators of the residential units after 15 years without any charge.

Its revenue will come from the fee internet service providers or other digital service providers pay for leasing its network. Fiber One will also share its revenue with the administrators of the residential units throughout the 15-year period.

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The fiber optic network of Fiber One will do away with the redundancy of laying separate cables by different ISPs as its network is able to accommodate various ISPs at the same time, allowing end users to freely choose an ISP they prefer without being restricted by the choice of their residential projects. On the other hand, ISPs can focus on offering their good services to users without having to be worried about investing in installing networks.

Nattawat Woranopakul, deputy CEO and chief marketing officer of Fiber One, will be speaking as one of the panelists in the Retail Segment panel discussion at Property Report Congress Thailand.

He joined Fiber One in August 2016. Prior to this, he was with Crown Tech Advance PLC, a leading consumer electronics rm in Thailand named “AJ” where he set up a new business unit of e-commerce named “Alibaba”. Previously, Nattawat founded HTC Thailand.

More information about Fiber One and Nattawat are available on this website.

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