The legal counsel at SC Capital Partners believes the awards will put the Vietnamese developers on a level playing field

Chau Ta at the Vietnam Property Awards 2015 gala dinner
Chau Ta at the Vietnam Property Awards 2015 gala dinner

Chau Ta, who has extensive experience on real estate investment (re)structuring, real estate licensing, green field investment, construction and zoning and other related issues, is again one of the judges of the Vietnam Property Awards 2016.

She joined RECAP as a legal counsel in September 2012, in charge of all transactions for investments in Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Maldives, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar.

A qualified Australian lawyer with unique Asia and Vietnam law experience on real estate matters, Chau received her Master of International Law (Honours) from the University of Sydney in 2008.

“The Vietnam Property Awards put the developers on a level playing field with the rest of the world, or at least those who operate in Vietnam. It opens up and make conscious of competition as well as a marketing tool for developers,” she says of the significance of the awards programme.

“It brings together the real estate sector and allows it to once a year show what Vietnam talents and developers have to offer.”

Here’s the rest of our quick chat with the returning judge:

What is your general outlook on the Vietnamese market from a legal standpoint? 

The Vietnamese legal system has improved exponentially in the last three years, showing the government’s commitment to making investments in Vietnam easier and simpler. Like any growing economy/country, there are things it could do better such as clarity in drafting, but this comes with time and experience. I am positive that the Vietnamese legal system will keep improving positively and market-driven.

Nearly a year since the Law on Residential Housing, has there been a significant increase in foreign investments? 

I believe there is. Although the implementing decree has yet to come, but in reality there are foreigners being registered owners. Foreign investors are again back into Vietnam in bus loads. There has been a clear increase in M&A deals.

What can you say about the mix of judges and potential nominees this year? 

The judges come from all professions supporting the real estate sector – all very well informed of market trends, facts and expectations. Thus they combine represents the reasonable man looking at a real estate project/product to give a fair judgment on same. On the potential nominees, as a judge I expect to see more variety in names as well as the high quality of the products as the end consumers are much more sophisticated now. I want to see developers that focus on what consumers want in the product as well as the overall reputation of the master plan.

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